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489-How Does Your Calendar Reflect Your Priorities

October 3, 2022

In this episode of Everyday Happiness, I invite you to look at your calendar, see where you are spending your time, and determine if it matches your priorities.   




Welcome to Everyday Happiness where we create lasting happiness, in about 2 minutes a day,  through my signature method of Intentional Margins® (creating harmony between your to-dos and your priorities), happiness science, and musings about life. 


I'm your host Katie Jefcoat and creating an ideal schedule with the things that matter is where it starts to get tactical.


Your calendar is your life.  It reflects how you use your days, your minutes, your hours, your years and it’s time to get tactical and make sure that our calendars are reflecting what matters most to us.


If your calendar is the life you are leading, let's make sure it matches the life that you want.


Yesterday, I mentioned that order is a high priority for me and having a clean kitchen helps me feel orderly, less chaotic and happy.  


If you want to run a 5K is the training in your schedule? If you want to start a side business, is the time devoted to that in your schedule? If you want to work on your spiritual growth, is the time devoted to that in your schedule? 


If spending time with family or your spouse is what matters most - does your weekly schedule reflect that? Does having date night with your husband matter - does your weekly schedule reflect that?  If volunteering is a high priority for you - does your weekly or monthly schedule reflect that?  


The more you can align your life with your priorities the more balanced you will feel.  We can still be busy doing all the things, as long as we’re doing the right things, the things that hold a high priority for us.  


Not everything gets equal amount of time it’s about doing the right things at the right time


And, just because something isn’t right right now doesn’t mean that it never can be.  For example if you are really trying to focus on growing your business right now, that might look like saying no to a dinner out with friends in this season of life.  You still have a high priority of connection with friends, but building this business and family might be a higher priority right now - in this season.  


I invite you to look at your calendar and see where you are spending your time and if it matches your priorities. 


And until next time, remember, kindness is contagious. 


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