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485-Balance, Rhythm, Harmony: What Works for You?

September 29, 2022

When working to find some kind of flow for your happiness, how do you find it? Tune in to understand how these three analogies may work for your life.   




Welcome to Everyday Happiness where we create lasting happiness, in about 2 minutes a day,  through my signature method of Intentional Margins® (creating harmony between your to-dos and your priorities), happiness science, and musings about life. 


I'm your host Katie Jefcoat and I believe that if you want to achieve the elusive balance in your life, however you define that, you need to first define what success looks like for you – you need to define what the finish line is, for you.  There are a million ways to do anything, but we need to be clear on what matters to us and how we are going to get there.  This micro-podcast is inspiration and Intentional Margins® is a tool to help you get there. 


I ask myself every quarter, every week and every day, ”what does success look like for me in this season, this week, this day”? 


Let’s talk about balance.  When I hear the word balance, I think of the scales of justice and everything being equal.  Well, it’s not.  Every day is different, every season is different.  To me, balance is illusive and frankly not what I’m after. 


So what if we called this feeling Rhythm.  Adam Grant used this term in a seminar I heard last year.  He said the chorus is the work and the melody is the family/personal life and together there is rhythm.  Perhaps this analogy will work for some. I can see his point that when everything is working together, there can be rhythm, but I often find in my life, it’s not that simple.  


I like the term harmony.  It’s the yin and the yang.  When they are pulled apart they are completely off balance, but when they are put together, they are in harmony.  Some days are more heavily focused on one aspect of life than others.  Different priorities.   Different days, different seasons.  There is no formula in my mind for the perfect balance or the ideal rhythm to make the music.  It doesn’t exist, there are too many variables, minute by minute.  So I like to think of harmony and know that I’m doing the best and I can.  And to tell you, you are doing the best you can. 


Tomorrow we are going to get more tactical and talk about how we decide where to focus our attention to create this sense of fulfillment and happiness.   


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Until next time.  



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