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484-Let’s Look at Your Calendar

September 28, 2022

Did you know that time and priorities have a direct correlation to your happiness? Tune in today to learn how it works and what you can do to improve your happiness levels. 





Welcome to Everyday Happiness where we create lasting happiness, in about 2 minutes a day,  through my signature method of Intentional Margins® (creating harmony between your to-dos and your priorities), happiness science, and musings about life. 


I'm your host Katie Jefcoat and Ashley Whillams over at the Harvard Business School reports that if you are self reporting as being time famished, having no free time – it’s just as bad for your happiness as being unemployed.


That’s why it is so important to have intentional Margins®. Not only do you get to do the priorities that matter most to you instead of continuing to check the box on the never ending todo list.  It also brings an awareness that you actually do have time to do what matters most.


If you work 40 hours a week and you sleep seven hours a night you have roughly 79 hours in the week to do other things -- I mean, you’re spending that time doing something, but what if, that time was spent more aligned with your priorities.  


Whillams calls this feeling of having enough time, time affluence. It is not about the objective amount of time you have, it’s about the subject sense that you have some time.


And it’s even more critical for our wellbeing and happiness that we have time for what matters.  Since this theory is a subjective measure of how much time we think we have, it means you can hack time affluence without objectively giving yourself more time. We all know there are only 24 hours in the day, no matter how good we are at multitasking.  


You don’t necessarily need to clear the calendar to feel more time affluent.


It’s identifying your priorities - and creating that Intentional Margin®. 


I invite you to think about something you want to have more of in your life and then, look at your calendar for this week and see if there is a way to either sneak in that time or plan for that time.  We’re not taking a grand vacation, we’re talking about reading that book you’ve been meaning to pick up, or calling that friend you’ve lost touch with. 


If you want a little accountability, pop over to social and let me know what you decided to make your Intentional Margin® this week.  We’re over @everydayhappinesswithkatie.



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