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483-Do You Really Need More Time?

September 27, 2022

Through satisfaction and making intentional choices to pursue a fulfilling life, we can be happy. Does this require more time to do? Tune in to find out in this episode of Everyday Happiness. 




Welcome to Everyday Happiness where we create lasting happiness, in about 2 minutes a day,  through my signature method of Intentional Margins® (creating harmony between your to-dos and your priorities), happiness science, and musings about life. 


I'm your host Katie Jefcoat and I wonder if when people say, I need more hours in the day, I’m overwhelmed, I’m stressed, I’m tired, I’m so busy.  I wonder if what they are really saying is that I just want to be happy.  


It’s this idea that I want to just sail off to a deserted island with only a staff that brings me pina coladas. You want to let it all go because that tug of overwhelm, stress, and busyness is so strong. 


Hear me out.  If we’re happy, we’re by definition, fulfilled on some level.  We’re not stressed and overwhelmed and feel like we are drowning in todos, we’re happy.  We’re maybe even content.  Can we be happy and overwhelmed?  Can we be happy and busy doing the things that are not helping us live this fulfilling life we’re after? 


The science seems pretty clear that happiness has 2 parts: 1) happy positive emotions, joy, contentment, love, with 2) satisfaction and purpose.  Together, you get well-rounded happiness.   And I would also say, you’ll get that feeling of fulfillment.  


Of course you can be abundantly busy and happy.  If you're intentional about your busy.  Right? 


So when we say we’re overwhelmed.  Are we really saying, I feel like I just need a little more happiness in my life?  Whether that’s part 1 of the equation, connection with the people you love, that positive emotion, or if it’s part 2, work you are inspired by, volunteering that excites you, a book you are writing. 


This is where the happiness emotion and how we spend our time collide into life fulfillment and Intentional Margins®.  If you don’t make time for the things that light your hair on fire.  The things that matter to you.  Are you really happy?   


So if we truly want to be happy, we need to look ourselves in the mirror and figure out how we are spending our time. 


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